Frequently Asked Questions

Why use handmade soap?

You will see in our supermarkets that commercial soap bars in Australia do not use the word SOAP any more... they use other words like Beauty Bar etc this is because they are not soap but actually Synthetic Detergents commonly known as SYNDETS While detergent might be great for your dishes it really isn’t good for your skin and will leave it feeling very dry not to mention how the chemical ingredients in “SYNDETS” effect your skin. That is why we get a lot of our customers say their skin feels so soft now they have changed to our soap.
Try this – next time you are in your supermarket look at the “soap“ section and see the word soap is missing from the commercial products; you will be surprised that they are missing from products you have known all your life...... also look at the ingredients.   

Can I cut your soap?

Yes you can. Just use a flat bladed knife, turn soap on the side and slice down slowly as if you were cutting block cheese .I have some people who like to cut up the soap into quarters and put it in a glass dish in the bathroom. Having said that, cut it as you would like. Enjoy.   

Where is the soap scum?

I have had a lot of customers say that after changing to our products there is a lot less soap scum or none at all. This is because we make real soap. Yes, there will be some residue from using the soap but there won’t be scum, just left-over soap easily wiped away.

Sometimes handmade soap has a glycerine residue at the end of the soap. Why?

Very mild handmade soap such as 100% Olive Oil Soap, might have some runny glycerine when getting to the end of the bar. This is common and very good for your skin. Don’t throw it away just put it in an empty pump bottle and add some really hot water (not too much just enough to cover) then you have a nice pump soap you can use. Enjoy !

Is there LYE in your soap?

Simple answer NO! It all has to do with science. We use lye to turn oils into soap, this is a scientific process called SAPONIFICATION. After the soap has been made we let it sit and mature. Within 72 hours after the soap making process the LYE has evaporated from the soap and left the soap altogether. Then we leave the soap for 6 weeks to mature, so no there is no LYE left in the soap and our soap bars get harder and ready for sale.

How can a shampoo bar be a soap?

Our Shampoo Soap Bar is made from beautiful ingredients, both oils and butters , and mixed with a Lye mixture that includes Apple Cider Vinegar which makes the PH level go down ,making this soap ready for use in hair and scalp. We Add Apple Cider Vinegar to the finished product as well to also decrease the PH. In a nutshell soap has usually a PH of 9-13 which is perfect to use on our hands, body and face but when it comes to the hair and scalp it needs a PH of between 5.5 – 7 so the process we put our soap through agrees with this.

It took about 3 weeks for my hair to get used to the Shampoo Soap Bar, now it is softer than ever before. Why is this!

This is normal. It takes about 2-4 weeks for our hair to get rid of the build up of residue from using commercial products. During this time, you can feel your hair removing the residue. For everyone this process is different. For myself it took 2 weeks, my hair felt a bit strawy but then it just started feeling smoother and softer, that was about 2 years ago. Around 6 months later while getting a hair cut the hairdresser washed my hair with a commercial shampoo, I thought wow wonder what is going to happen here? Again my hair felt like straw and it took about 1 week for my hair to go back to soft and healthy again. Persevere and it will happen.

A foot note on this is that my daughter, who was 16 at the time, and had greasy hair at the scalp and dry hair at the bottom due to hormones, went through a similar process I went through changing to the Shampoo Soap Bar . It has been nearly 2 years for my daughter and she doesn’t have any issues with her hair being unmanageable or greasy or dry. It has bought balance to her hair. Saying this she has very long hair down her back and I have short hair. Sometimes when she feels like having a 'lift me up' for her hair, she uses a Healthy Hair Mask.