About Us

My name is Lynette and I was bought up in Brisbane and travelled to SA and married my husband, a 5th generation farmer We are a farming family north of Bordertown South Australia. Our five children grew up on our farm and as a result of my love for Natural Products and lifestyle I have always explored ways to promote Natural products in our home.

The farm lifestyle is so wonderful and as I was bought up in a city I really appreciate the space we have and the fresh air. As a family we have used Natural Cleaning products for our home and laundry and have always bought Hand Made Natural soap, hair shampoos and conditioners and skin care products. Then I started exploring making my own products I feel I am a genuine nerd and love to read and find different recipes.

We have enjoyed our journey, selling to Friends at first, then branching out and selling at Markets progressing to a few community shops in our area and now we are ready for a Web Site and Wholesale adventure.

My daughter, Selina’s, favourite saying is KISS mum ... Keep It Simple Stupid so that is what I have done. I Love, Love, Love Olive Oil Soap so why not go with that? We buy South Australian Olive Oil and love to promote local .

                         Do what you Love .... and do what works.

Having said that I had to also introduce my 100% Coconut Oil/ Coconut Cream soap ... too good to miss out. 

Add in our Skin Care and Hair Care range all Natural and Beautiful to use.

With the help and support of my beautiful family we have put together our web site as well as updated our Logo and our overall look, we have had the help of a Graphic Designer and Web Designer for our boxes and Product Labels. Finding the right people to help is wonderful, making the decision to do that is hard but it is the best decision I have ever made.!!

So that’s our story... We work hard on our farm which is mainly sheep and some cropping. Three of our 5 children work with my husband so he isn’t lonely at all, and I get a lot of advice and help from them all. I run our Soap Business but also feed shearers (who all get to bring soap home at the end of shearing) look after the horses, feed the dogs, chickens, cats and family. Then I get to make awesome products ....................

                   Really loving  my life!!!! Enjoy and have a great day ...xo

                                                          Lynette Stimson. Bordertown SA :) xoxo